Being a professional caregiver of young children is an important job and nothing is more important than keeping these children safe and healthy!


Parents look to you to provide a clean, safe environment, nutritious food and appropriate activities for their children. Keeping the following information in mind can help give children and families the quality services they need to thrive.


Keeping children safe

Making sure that your classroom, playground and other areas of your child care environment are safe for children is vital.


  • Keep toxic items out of reach of children and locked away in a cabinet or lock box.  
  • Inspect your environment for things which children could swallow and/or on which they could choke.
  • Keep outlets covered with certified safety covers.
  • Keep cords out of reach.
  • On the playground, resilient surfacing under climbing equipment can reduce the risk of severe injury.
  • Always provide adequate supervision of children during high risk activities, such as eating & active physical play.
  • Have plans POSTED in case of medical emergencies, natural disaster or other unforseen circumstances and PRACTICE these plans on a regular basis.


Keeping children healthy

Providing opportunities for active physical play is one important way you can help children stay healthy. Time to play outdoors, climbing and running or time indoors dancing or playing movement games are all ways to help children get the exercise they need to stay healthy.  


Nutritious meals and snacks that meet USDA guidelines are also important to children's health. Serving foods from the five food groups; grains, fruits, veggies, protein and dairy provide energy to learn and have fun.


Cutting down on the spread of germs also helps to keep the children in your care healthy. Handwashing, proper cleaning and sanitization of equipment & materials keeps the spread of germs to a minimum.