To improve the quality of care for young children, the Tennessee Department of Human Services (DHS) invests a significant amount of its resources in support of several training programs that are free-of-charge for child care providers. One of these programs is Tennessee Child Care Provider Training also known as TN-CCPT

 Based on the belief that early childhood professionals should have knowledge and skills to provide appropriate care and education for young children, TN-CCPT assists DHS-licensed child care providers with meeting their training hour requirements as defined in child care legislation and the related Tennessee Licensure Rules and Standards. These trainings concentrate on five core areas – Administration, Child Development, Developmentally Appropriate Behavior Management, Early Childhood and Childhood Education, and Health and Safety – and are grounded in research and best practices.

 Training child care providers is an important responsibility. In order to meet this obligation, each CCR&R employs a group of Resource and Referral (R&R) Specialists to deliver the trainings. Each CCR&R Specialist attends several statewide Train-the-Trainer Institutes each year. After completion of a Train-the-Trainer Institute, the CCR&R Specialist receives a training certificate and is then able to replicate the training to providers in the CCR&R’s service delivery area. 

 The Train-the-Trainer Institute provides resources (i.e., books, video clips, PowerPoint presentation, etc.) to assist in preparation of delivering a training. All Institutes provide content that serves as the base of information on a training topic.