AUGUST 26-27



About the Conference

The 2022 Small Business Conference is a first-year event that will show you how to fill your Child Care Director Toolbox. The 3-session conference will take place virtually via Zoom on August 26-27 and focuses on self reflection, self awareness, and promoting positive culture through daily business operations.

Licensed child care directors and confirmed providers going through the pre-licensure process in Tennessee are eligible to attend. This conference is through the Tennessee Child Care Resource and Referral Network Conference.

Day 1: August 26

9:00-11:00 am CST via Zoom


This session is designed to be a passport of self discovery. Having a better understanding of ourselves is the first step to achieving a better relationship with others. Thought-provoking questions and engaging exercises create an opportunity to reflect on where you are on the journey through adulthood, determine the gap between current and ideal work environments, and become a self mentor.


1:00-3:00 pm CST via Zoom


During this session we will explore how to create a healthy organization climate. Most of us do not stop to analyze the organizational climate of our workplace, but the climate influences our behavior, our feelings about our jobs, and how comfortable we feel in expressing our opinions. The climate of our programs impact how well we perform and the quality of our day-to-day interactions.


Day 2: August 27

9:00-11:00 am CST via Zoom


This session dives into topics such as defining and understanding the role of a true leader, individual and collective ethical values and allowing them to guide your program’s decision making, and becoming a leader who expands perspective by creating positive connections with staff, students, and families. Additionally, we will discuss the importance of understanding your own leadership style and taking time to disconnect from work and plug into things that bring you joy outside of your program.


Registration Info

Click one of the buttons below to register for a session. Because you have the option to choose which sessions you attend, you MUST register for each individual session you plan to join separately. Once you successfully register for each session separately, you will receive a confirmation email for each one. Registered participants will receive all directions, details, and printable worksheets in the days leading up to the conference. The conference is no charge to participants and is held virtually via Zoom. Those eligible to attend include licensed child care directors and confirmed providers going through the pre-licensure process in Tennessee.


This year’s conference is virtual. The sessions will be presented through Zoom to those who register and receive confirmation.

Yes, each session is worth two training hours.

Yes! Each session must be registered for separately. You should receive a confirmation email for each individual session if you registered successfully.

No, you may choose which ones you are interested in attending.

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