Here at CCR&R, we want you to be equipped with everything you need to provide the children under your care the best possible start in life.

Below are links to resources and sites that will help you give back, no matter your place within child care!


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Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs): Protecting Your Child and Building Resiliency

When protecting your child and building resiliency, it’s important to talk about negative experiences that can lead to toxic stress. Some stress is normal and healthy, but too much can cause problems. We all work hard to stay healthy, and as we all deal with stress, it’s important to learn more and talk about experiences that cause toxic stress, sometimes called Adverse Childhood Experience.

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To learn more about the importance of building a strong brain with your child, visit Vroom.

Is your child or a child you know meeting the milestones in his/her age group?

We can help answer these and other questions about your child’s development.

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How Exercise Helps Children’s Physical Development

View the 11 most important physical and psychological benefits that kids get from engaging in regular exercise.

To view the NPT report on Children’s Health Crisis, click below:

Equip your child reading comprehension early! Visit Governor’s Early Literacy Foundation. 

Providing healthy meals and snacks is a great way to make sure your child is receiving the vitamins and nutrients he needs to develop.  Choosing wisely from the 5 food groups; fruits, vegetables, protein, grain, dairy, and limiting sugary snacks and drinks can cut down on unwanted calories and weight gain.

From March of Dimes:

“NAS is a group of conditions caused when a baby withdraws from certain drugs (most often opioids) he’s exposed to in the womb before birth.”

For resources, and to learn more, visit March of Dimes.

Parenting is one tough job! Visit the site.

Pathways provides FREE child development information to empower parents and health professionals.

To access the CDC parent essentials, click here.

This brochure offers some guidelines on how to use what you know about your infant or toddler – like personal style and activity level – to select a child care setting that’s just right. Spanish Version

  Safe Sleep Academy – Resources for Families

The Safe Sleep Academy was developed by the Cribs for Kids® National Infant Safe Sleep Initiative.
Every year in the United States, more than 3,500 infant deaths occur due to accidental suffocation, asphyxia, or undetermined causes during sleep. Visit

For more information visit Did you know that every year, many Tennessee babies die from sleep-related causes? Most of these deaths are preventable.

For videos on Safe Sleep Guidelines and Eliminating Hazards, see below:

Download Powerpoint Presentation on Safe Sleep from First Candle HERE

Sesame Street’s website is packed full of fun activities for kids and their families.

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Tummy time is one of the most important things you can do to help your baby maintain a healthy head shape! At Baby Begin, we recommend tummy time for newborns, to prevent plagiocephaly, also called flat head syndrome, from ever becoming an issue. It’s something you can do with your baby, to promote good health and a beautiful head shape.

Establishing Tummy Time Routine to Enhance Your Baby’s Development

TUMMY TIME is an important activity for your baby’s development and is endorsed by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP).


The Child Trends Hispanic Institute, provides timely and insightful research-based information and guidance to improve outcomes for Latino children.

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For more information visit the US Consumer Product Safety Commission website.

CDC Information on choking hazards.

Your Guide to New Crib Standards.

Since December 28, 2012, any crib provided by child care facilities and family child care homes must meet new and improved federal safety standards.

To learn the Benefits of Developmental Monitoring and Screening, click below to view the document in your language:





How Exercise Helps Children’s Physical Development

View the 11 most important physical and psychological benefits that kids get from engaging in regular exercise.

Kid Central TN has a wealth of resources related to health and development for children.

Visit: to access their website.


Do you need advice on starting your new Child Care Facility or managing your current location?
Come join us at our Small Business Academy! You can register for both days or just for the class that your business needs most. We’ll have expert advice on marketing, budgeting, and planning for your future.
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For procedures on opening a new childcare facility, or becoming licensed, click here.

The pre-licensure process is organized in a 15-step timeline. Click here to view the steps and download a printable PDF of the process!


Do You Have a Plan?

Child care educators must have a plan to protect children in the event of emergencies. The process of developing and maintaining a plan along with regular practice drills makes it more likely that the child care agency will be equipped to protect children when a disaster strikes. Your Licensing Program Evaluator will review and monitor your plan to ensure that it complies with the requirements in the emergency preparedness licensing law.
You can download the Child Care Facility Emergency Preparedness Law, checklist, and planning template below.